Welcome to SF State Annual Fund's Student Call Center!

The SF State Student Call Center operates the SF State annual fund phonathon from its offices on campus. The center is staffed by 30 of the University's best and brightest students, all of whom are dedicated to the mission of SF State -- ensuring that quality, public higher education is accessible to as many students as possible.

  • Since opening in October of 2006, the SF State Student Call Center has reached nearly 150,000 alumni, parents, and friends of the University all over the nation.
  • An estimated 90 percent of all donors to the University make their gifts through the phonathon.

student callerThe student callers have varied backgrounds, interests and majors -- but they all share pride in SF State and a commitment to its academic excellence. The phone program creates personal connections between students and alumni, rekindling the SF State experience that both alumni and today's students value.

If you make a gift or a pledge when you are called, the student callers can handle the process quickly and easily over the phone. You can also make your gift immediately and safely using your credit card.

Callers also take requests from you for more information, gift forms or reminders in the mail. Can't wait to hear from a caller?   Have a student call you for your donation in the next few days! 

Our student callers look forward to speaking with you soon!  Thank you for supporting San Francisco State!