Edward M. Nagel Foundation Increases Commitment

Edward M. NagelThe Edward M. Nagel Foundation has provided tremendous support for students since its founding in 1992. Formed to honor businessman Edward M. Nagel, who passed away in 1996, the Nagel Foundation has helped economically disadvantaged students pursuing Business degrees. Since 2000, the Foundation has made a direct impact on the lives of more than 100 students at SF State with a special distinction: at SF State only Liberal & Creative Arts students with business courses are eligible for the award. Now, the Foundation has decided to endow a scholarship with a $250,000 gift.

“Edward M. Nagel formed respected relationships with people in many communities,” says Michael Dotson, an Edward M. Nagel Foundation Director. “He was a strong advocate for business education, promoting entrepreneurship, and empowering young people to achieve an education. He was a businessman, a philanthropist, a community advocate, an art collector, and above all, a friend to many.”

Mr. Nagel was a German immigrant who moved to the United States just before the Great Depression. During the early 1930s he partnered with three bakers as their business manager to establish Oroweat bakery. Over the years he became a successful leader in business, which shape the mission of the Foundation which bears his name.

His lifelong interest in art and music influenced gifts to SF State. “By combining music and dance with business, you can do more than simply entertain others,” Dotson says. “You bring soul to vitalize the numbers, and you bring structure to support and sustain the arts, which benefits all of us!”

Cyrus Ginwala, Professor of Music, says, “For many years, the Nagel Scholarships have enabled talented SFSU Music majors to complete their program of study, while also learning valuable life and work skills.” Thanks to this very generous contribution by the Edward M. Nagel Foundation, our students will benefit for generations to come. We are very grateful for their ongoing commitment to SF State.

For more about the Edward M. Nagel Foundation please go to the website and Facebook page.