Tipping Point Community Continues To Support Guardian Scholars

Alumna and Tipping Point Community Manager Rebecca CherinThe Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) is a very successful initiative at SF State that helps current and former foster care youth stay in college, complete the requirements for graduation, and transition successfully to adulthood. By providing year-round on-campus housing, scholarships, dedicated counseling, and multiple mentorship and career development opportunities, GSP helps dozens of young students make progress toward graduation and successful careers every year. Since 2007, the Tipping Point Community has helped GSP expand and enhance services to meet demand for the program, contributing over $950,000. GSP is now a nationally recognized model.


Tipping Point Community is a unique organization devoted to fighting poverty and improving opportunities in the Bay Area. Drawing on resources from individual and corporate donors, the organization strategically allocates funds to provide critical assistance for a wide variety of initiatives aimed to minimize the personal impact of inequality in all its forms.


Rebecca Cherin, an alumna of SF State and manager of Tipping Point Community’s programs, says, "Tipping Point Community invests in San Francisco State Guardian Scholars because we know that having a college degree is one of the most effective tools to break the cycle of poverty for good. Guardian Scholars creates communities where students not only have a safe place to sleep every night, but also are mentored and supported until the day they graduate."


With a 92% graduation rate, much higher than the university average, the Guardian Scholars Program helps dozens of former foster care youth stay in college. SF State was the first university in Northern California to host such a program. Part of its success can be attributed to the close relationship between program administrators and the students they serve. Kayla Daniels, a sophomore psychology major in the program, says, "I feel fortunate to be surrounded by so many caring and supportive people who are looking out for my well-being and success in school and life."


Our thanks to Tipping Point Community for their ongoing partnership with the Guardian Scholars Program.


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