Donor Profiles


Photo of SF State donor Vincentine "Vinnie" Contrero

Vincentine “Vinnie” Contrero

B.A., 1956 Education

M.A., 1960 Education

Teaching Credential, 1964

  • Retired educator, San Francisco public schools
  • Athlete and longtime advocate for women in sports


My SF State Education

I enjoyed my classes and being with students from many backgrounds. The faculty was strong. SF State was a ‘doing school’ where I learned the practical side of education and what I needed to be able to teach well. It’s hard to give it a negative anywhere along the way.

Why I Support SF State

I’m a born and raised San Franciscan and the product of parochial schools. SF State offered me an education and a teaching credential that made me well prepared to become a teacher. The University gave me an opportunity to make a living as an educator. To continue the excellence I experienced there, I wanted to support SF State today and in the future.

Impact of Gift on Students

My bequest will help to strengthen the Kinesiology Department by supporting and attracting strong faculty and provide scholarships for student athletes.



Photo of SF State donor Douglas Harriman

Douglas Harriman

B.A., 2008, Humanities

  • Instructional designer, University of California, Berkeley


My SF State Education

I had a great experience at SF State.

I knew I wanted to work in education after graduation, and the instructors really knew how to teach. They had a passion for their material, and an equal passion for instruction.

Why I support SF State

When I transferred to SF State I had deplorable grades, but a strong record of professional experience and success. SF State took a chance on me and had faith in me. The University gave me an opportunity to succeed–and it paid off. I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. I am grateful for that opportunity.

Impact of gift on students

I hope that my support helps to create an opportunity to give a student a second chance like I had. SF State tries to provide students with the tools for success. I want to be a part of that and help the University empower students with the resources they need to succeed.



Photo of SF State donor Kimberly Brandon

Kimberly Brandon

B.A. 1984, Psychology

  • Senior Vice President/ Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley
  • Vice President, San Francisco Port Commission


My SF State Education

When I graduated I didn’t realize how prepared I was for what was to come. I wasn’t clear where I was going with my degree. My first job after graduating was at a temp agency. Through a series of financial services positions that followed, first at Bank of America and then Wells Fargo, I arrived at my present position at Morgan Stanley. As I grew in my career I’ve always fallen back on my degree in psychology to help me deal with people and build relationships. My education at State helped prepare me for that.

Why I support SF State

SF State has been such a huge part of my education that it is easy for me to support the University. I started out at the former Frederic Burk Elementary School, which was located on campus and staffed by SF State faculty. SF State is a major part of who I am. I had a great experience there, and today, as a member of the College of Business Development Council, I continue to offer my support.

Impact of gift on students

I hope my support will help today’s students enjoy the same quality level of education that I received and have a similarly formative experience.