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College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE) at San Francisco State University offers a wide variety of continuing and professional adult education courses and programs to prepare students for career advancement, career change, or personal growth. We offer nationally-acclaimed curricula and faculty; weekend, evening, and online courses; plus access to thousands of transferable degree-credit University classes.

Introducing the Inclusion Pilot Project

The Inclusion Pilot Project is an innovative program that facilitates the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the academic and social components of campus life. The project supports each student in creating a comprehensive plan which includes courses, social activities, intern/job activities, housing support, and career planning. These plans are aligned with students' personal, academic, and career goals. The project works to meet students where they are, regardless of ability and aspires to make college accessible to everyone.

The pilot project currently includes three students who are working towards earning a certificate of completion which will detail their achievement of the academic, social, and vocational goals laid out in their plan. The project matches students with teaching assistants, many of whom are SF State students. These teaching assistants gain valuable experience through their work with the project’s students.

Donations to the Inclusion Project will allow the program to continue operation for as long as possible. Funding will subsidize the tuition of enrolled students, pay faculty members working on the project, and fund payment of part-time graduate students to be teaching assistants.

The Program Currently Offers:

• A person-centered planning process.

• Three hours of paid and trained teaching assistants for each student per week.

• Support by trained student mentors.

• Assistance with applying to the California Department of Rehabilitation Services or
the Golden Gate Regional Center and other government, service agencies, and academic and vocational support services.

• Guidance with setting up a peer support system.

• Support/guidance to the faculty on inclusive teaching practices.

• Regular check-ins and mentoring.

Spring 2021 Students

Ishaan, IPP Student

Ishaan, Inclusion Pilot Project Student

“The classes encourage and inspire me to focus and work more in the field of my favorite subjects.”


My interests are listening to worship songs, Indian classical and Bollywood movie songs, watching cooking shows and helping mom and dad in cooking, typing on the computer, searching on Google, YouTube, Indian Saints, and socializing with others.

Dreams for the Future

To be able to carry out all my daily living skills and chores independently.

Classes I Took in Spring 2021

MUS 505 Music of the World’s Peoples
NUTR 357 Principles of Food Preparation

What I Like About Being a Student at SF State

  1. I like to learn new topics of Food and Music.
  2. I feel happy and excited to get to know new information.
  3. The classes encourage and inspire me to focus and work more in the field of my favorite subjects.

What Ishaan’s Family Says

“The opportunity to be part of the esteemed SF State is a dream come true for all of us. This is the first time we are participating in such a program. We are thankful to the people who run this program, to the professors who have opened up their courses, to the TAs who helped with adapting the curriculum, and to the San Francisco Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for providing us with resources. The program has broadened Ishaan’s horizons. We see a bright future for him. This kind of program is fruitful for students like Ishaan because it helps increase their self-esteem.”

MaShay, Inclusion Student

“One day I hope to become a veterinarian or one-day work with little kids. I also want to publish my first book.”


My interests are hip hop dance and music, social media, fashion, shopping, spending time with my mom, traveling, and cooking with my mom.

Dreams for the Future

Travel the world, support my family, work with little kids or animals, live independently and have a social network.

Classes I Took in Spring 2021

ADM 661 Advanced Apparel Design (project work with a peer).
DANC 176 Modern Jazz Dance 1.
ENG 114 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice.

What I Like About Being a Student at SF State:

I like my classes and working with my TAs.

What MaShay's Family Says

“My daughter is learning how to engage in college-level discussions/classes and building her confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to. I am excited about seeing my daughter be exposed to the SF State program, working with the amazing team running the Inclusion Pilot Project, and seeing my daughter get excited about learning new things.”

MaShay, IPP Student
Augustin, IPP Student

Augustin, Inclusion Pilot Project Student

“Id like to be an animator because I like creating and drawing. I dream of having a job that makes me feel I can do hard work.”


I’m a good artist because I like to draw. I’m interested in animation because it’s fun and takes time to do, and I like organizing.

Dreams for the Future

I would like to be an animator because I like creating and drawing. I dream of having a job that makes me feel I can do hard work.

Classes I Took in Spring 2021

ID 240 Color and Design
KIN 100 Aerobics: Low Impact

What Augustin's Family Says

“There are no words to describe our excitement about this program. Auggy has learned to communicate more with us and express himself to us and other people. He loves to talk about how great the program is for him and how much he learns. The family and friends love it. The experience at SF State teaches him how to be around more people and not just to be by himself.”

Testimonials From Inclusion Pilot Project Student Assistants

Molly Butler

“I’m a master's/credential candidate in SF State’s Extensive Support Needs program in the Special Education Department. I have a passion for inclusive practices and love this field. My role as a TA in the Inclusion Pilot Project is to adapt a college-level curriculum in order to make it accessible for the student I help support. My goal is to make their college experience meaningful and enjoyable.”

Charles Beavis

“I have a master’s degree in Special Education and the Extensive Support Needs teaching credential from SF State. I know that all people have the capacity to learn, grow, and socialize. The Inclusion Pilot Project is meaningful in so many ways. It is important for students of all abilities to learn from each other. I work closely with one student. She is excited to take college courses and meet some new people. I adapt the curriculum in order for her to access the content. She is an aspiring writer and has completed multiple writing assignments throughout the semester. She meets with a peer partner once a week to discuss.”

Nina Morente

“While earning my teaching credential and master’s degree at SF State, I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a new inclusion program where I was to work with adults who are experiencing their first year of college. I felt supported by a group of creative experts who helped me shape a unique and authentic experience for these students in their college courses. I worked side by side with the student as a partner, as we were fully included in a range of classes from art, to English, to dance. After participating in the inclusion program, I know now that I can work to help any student achieve their dreams of going to and graduating from college.”

For more information about donating to the College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE), contact:

David Fierberg, MNA, CFRE ( He/Him/His )
Executive Director of Development
College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE)
(415) 405-3966