Cy Pres Fund Allocation to San Francisco State University

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Cy pres awards are funds generated by a class action lawsuit that cannot be awarded or are unclaimed. Under the cy pres doctrine, courts can designate a nonprofit as the recipient of these funds, as long as the nonprofit’s mission furthers the purposes of the underlying causes of action, or promotes justice for all citizens and/or consumers in the State of California.

Cy pres awards must be directed towards a nonprofit that supports projects benefitting either the class or “similarly situated persons” who were served by the class action lawsuit; an organization that promotes the law consistent with the objectives and purposes of the underlying cause of action; a child advocacy program; or a legal services organization for the indigent.

With a focus on academic excellence, community service, and equity and inclusion, San Francisco State University has many programs that would qualify for cy pres awards. This site outlines several of the programs at San Francisco State University that would be suitable awardeesfor cy pres awards. With seven colleges and dozens of areas of study and concentration, the University offers numerous opportunities for funding.

Cy Pres Fundable Areas at SF State

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Satisfies cy pres requirements for the following types of cases: Environmental justice Environmental pollution Toxic & nuclear pollution Climate: greenhouse gas emissions Water: toxic contamination Wildlife destruction Ecosystem destruction Hazardous waste.

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Business & Fraud

Satisfies cy pres requirements for the following types of cases:
Defective products; Consumer frau; Unfair business practices; False advertising; Deceptive advertising; Bait and switch marketing; Insurance, mortgage, billing, bank fraud; Breach of contract; Financial reporting; Telemarketing frau; Breach of data privacy; Ponzi scheme; Defective cars; Prize promotion fraud.


Labor Disputes

Satisfies cy pres requirements for the following types of cases:  Wage and hour violations; Meal break violation; Illegal procedures regarding layoffs; Misclassification lawsuits; Overtime pay denial; Unpaid business expense; Failure to provide pay stubs; Disability discrimination; FMLA lawsuits; Sexual harassment, Failure to promptly deliver wages; Race discrimination.

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Health, Equity, Criminal Justice Disputes

Satisfies cy pres requirements for the following types of cases:
Unlawful promotion of prescription drugs by pharmaceutical companies; Unlisted drug side effects that cause significant harm; Death or permanent injury caused by medical devices; Medical tort; Defective products in healthcare; Criminal justice disputes; Defective baby and bath products; Malpractice & medical care.

For more information about cy pres funds at SF State, contact:

Anjali Billa ( She/Her/Hers )
Associate Vice President
University Development
(415) 405-3625