College of Health & Social Sciences

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College of Health & Social Sciences

At the College of Health & Social Sciences, students develop their ability to make a significant, meaningful impact on their communities and society. Through classroom learning and practical experience, they receive professional preparation in a variety of fields promoting health, well-being and quality of life.

The College comprises a wide range of departments, programs, and schools with a shared commitment to equity and social justice. Students from our college can be found all over San Francisco — in schools, hospitals, social service agencies, governmental agencies, corporations, and other settings — translating knowledge into action to improve lives on multiple fronts. For example, our students work in health screening clinics making sure children and the elderly have access to flu shots; they work with the formerly incarcerated to help them re-enter society; and they put together makeshift workout centers in parks where families can exercise for free.

Our alumni make up vast segments of the city’s workforce. A great many members of San Francisco’s law enforcement community have earned their professional degrees at San Francisco State, as have a large percentage of the city’s nurses and mental health counselors. The College’s impact also extends beyond the Bay Area to the state and national levels, where it has helped shaped policy.

Faculty members at the College push the boundaries. Their research is rooted in a belief in the potential of scholarship to right a wrong. They engage in on-campus and community-based service that effects positive health, social change, intellectual growth and increased quality of life. In their teaching, they strive to cultivate environments committed to deep and meaningful learning experiences.

College of Health & Social Sciences Funding Initiatives

Students at Commencement


Scholarships provide much-needed support to students to defray the cost of attending the University.

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School of Nursing Simulation Program

The School of Nursing is committed to meeting the need for more qualified nurses by offering high-quality, experiential instruction.

Professor Lewenstein

Lewenstein Scholarship

The late Morris R. Lewenstein, an SF State professor and founder of the University’s first social science program, was a passionate, lifelong learner. 

Students at Commencement

Willie L. Brown, Jr.
Fellowship Program

The Program provides SF State students who have faced barriers to pursuing a college education with professional experience in the public sector.

Female teacher and student look at prescription bottle together

The Family Acceptance Project

The Project is the world’s first research, intervention, education and policy initiative that helps families learn to support their LGBTQ children.


College of Health & Social Sciences Stories

"Going to the ropes course and being good at it, and getting positive feedback, and getting better — that was a very formative process for me." 

James Finley earned his BSN in 1986 and his MBA in 1993 from SF State has a current role as an expert in hospital operations and data. He is also a vice president at Encore Health Resources. 

"The students are learning how to be a teacher in all of its aspects, from lesson planning to activity planning to interacting with children to talking with parents."

"The project gives families a different way of thinking about their LGBT children by shifting the discourse on homosexuality from morality to health and well-being." 

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