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Donations to this fund go directly towards emergency financial support to students in critical situations,
including those created by the COVID-19 crisis. 

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University Development facilitates generous gifts from private donors to San Francisco State University. These funds are a vital component in supporting academic excellence and accessibility to all students at the University.




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Development News

The Genentech Foundation’s recent $10.5 million grant to San Francisco State University’s College of Science & Engineering is one of the largest gifts the University has ever received. Distributed over five years, the Foundation will fund three initiatives managed by the college’s Student Enrichment Opportunities Office, including 112 transformative scholarships. 

The first cohort of undergraduate researchers supported by the Marcus Funds for Excellence in the LIberal Arts has been funded.

Ida Lewenstein describes her late husband, Morris R. Lewenstein, an SF State professor and founder of the University’s first social science program, as a passionate, lifelong learner. She hopes the new scholarship she has funded in his memory will carry his passion forward.

Global Museum, Partially Funded by the San Francisco State University Foundation's Mary MacWilliam Fund, Opens Its Doors

Faculty, staff and students in the Museum Studies Program spent a year preparing to move the collections, in consultation with independent conservators and preparators who also worked with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. They checked the condition of all materials. They choreographed every literal step — analyzing possible roadblocks such as weather, foot traffic, narrow doors and corridors and elevator access.