BOLD Thinking End of Campaign

The BOLD Thinking Campaign: Securing San Francisco State University's place as a world-class university in a world-class city.

Simply enrolling in a university is bold for many of the students at San Francisco State University, who may be the first in their family to attend college, a full-time student with a full-time job, or even a former prison inmate. Our BOLD Thinking campaign, which was active from August 2013 through December 2019, raised $156.7 million to provide these students with the support and inspiration that they need to join the ranks of our distinguished alumni and lead fulfilling lives.

As we renew our commitment to addressing our students’ basic needs, providing up-to-date facilities and buildings on our campus, and maintaining our position as a top university for upward mobility, our philanthropic partnerships will continue to be of primary importance.

Watch the video recap of the BOLD Thinking campaign:

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Thank you to the 20,000 donors who have supported
San Francisco State University! 

YOU have made the BOLD Thinking campaign a success.



Inspiring Innovation

major areas of campaign support

ensuring student success

7 faculty chairs endowed by campaign 180 new scholarships endowed


Thank you

We thank you and all who have generously supported the BOLD Thinking campaign.

As the success of the BOLD Thinking campaign signifies, your passion and generosity has fueled an incredible culture of philanthropic giving at San Francisco State University. As we build a bold new future for the University, we are inspired by the generous support that you and our community of donors have given to our programs and students. Your support and partnership are crucial to our students’ accomplishments and ability to become leaders in their fields. Your investment gives life to their dreams and strengthens their capacity to make progressive change in a dynamic world. We hope you’ll continue to join us in the important work of building a stronger Bay Area and California, one student at a time.




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BOLD Thinking


Learn about the focus areas of our campaign to raise $150 million to secure San Francisco State University's place as a world-class univerisity. 

BOLD Thinking


From scholarships to state of the art buildings, our campaign is deeply impacting San Francisco State University.

BOLD Thinking


Securing San Francisco State University's place as a world-class university in a world-class city.

BOLD Thinking


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