Graduate College of Education Scholarships

Scholarships directly support students, helping them to bridge gaps in financial aid, avoid debt, and complete their education. Scholarships can also enable students to enrich their learning through pursuing opportunities such as professional conferences, research, and internships.

At the core of the Graduate College of Education’s mission is an enduring goal of the University - to prepare high quality educators who value each and every learner. This mission is embodied by a diverse student population that truly reflects the demographic makeup of California’s communities. Scholarships play an integral part in fulfilling this mission, as becoming a professional educator requires unpaid onsite internships in classrooms. Your support makes it possible for our students to overcome financial considerations as they manage this extra burden, allowing them to pursue their dreams and give back to others through education. 

As a donor, you can choose to contribute to an existing scholarship fund, create a new named endowed scholarship, or a form a new named expendable (annual) scholarship.

Donate to Exisiting GCOE Scholarships


Named Endowed Scholarship

A donor may establish a named endowed scholarship with a minimum gift of $25,000. The SF State Foundation invests and manages these funds and, based on performance, up to 4% of the endowment’s fair market value can become available annually to provide scholarship awards to students (e.g., a gift of $25,000 can provide an annual scholarship of $1,000). The larger the endowment, the greater the annual award available to students.

Donors can either establish an endowment with an outright gift of at least $25,000 or through a pledge payable over a period of up to five years. While making contributions to build the principal of the endowed fund, donors may also provide additional gifts to award scholarships in the period of time that the endowment is maturing. When the principal reaches the desired level of funding ($25,000 minimum), the endowment is considered fully funded and provides awards in perpetuity.

Endowment funds are subject to an annual management fee of 1.25% plus investment management fees that are calculated and assessed on a quarterly basis. These fees cover the costs associated with investing and managing the funds.

Named Expendible (Annual) Scholarship

The minimum amount required to establish a named expendable scholarship is $5,000. Unlike endowed scholarships, expendable scholarships do not exist in perpetuity or accrue interest. Awards can only be made based on the balance available in the fund. 

Please contact the development director(s) listed below to arrange a named scholarship.


Graduate College of Education Funding Initiatives

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Center for Future Educator Pathways

The Center addresses critical needs in the recruitment, preparation and retention of high quality educators from a diversity of backgrounds. 

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David Fierberg, MNA, CFRE

Director of Development
Graduate College of Education
Phone: (415) 405-3966