School of Nursing Simulation Program

The Simulation Program is the School of Nursing's primary funding priority. In order to maintian the high quality of our program, funding is needed to hire additional faculty that are leaders in their fields, invest in cutting-edge equipment and technologies, and update our learning labs.

The program includes as Nursing Interventions Classroom and a high-fidelity Experiential Learning Suite comprised of four separate bays for pediatrics, maternity and surgical and intensive care patients. Students practice with computerized mannequins or "patients" which are responsive to the care provided. They can be assigned names and medical histories and have features such as a pulse, a voice and even artificial blood. Nursing students also interact with human actors who've been trained to present various ailments and social situations. Two clinical examination rooms are utilized for simulated mental health scenarios.

With our current faculty and facility resources, we are only able to offer students about 8 percent of their clinical hours in the lab, although they are allowed to practice up to 25 percent in the labs. Increased funding will allow us to expand this high-value learning experience to meet the needs of our student body. This expansion will only be possible with the help of our generous donors and alumni. 


An instructor demonstrates for nursing students a patient procedure in the simulation lab.

An instructor demonstrates a patient procedure to nursing students in the simulation lab.

An instructor monitors the vitals of the simulation mannequin while students practice a procedure.

An instructor monitors the vitals of the simulation mannequin while students practice a procedure.

Simulation Program Priorities and Funding Goals:

Faculty and Patient Actors - $250,000

Equipment, Technology and Facility Renovations - $100,000

Program Development - $25,000

Total: $375,000




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For more information about the School of Nursing Simulation Program, contact:


Mike Sullivant

Director of Development
College of Health & Social Sciences
Phone: (415) 338-2647