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SF State University 1st circle

In 1968, SF State was the first university to create a College of Ethnic Studies. Today it is one of only two ethnic studies colleges in the world.

SF State University 240,000 circle

SF State has 255,000 alumni worldwide, with 218,000 (85%) based in California and 170,000 (67%) in the Bay Area.

SF State University #3 circle

SF State is the third largest employee provider to tech and biotech companies in Silicon Valley.

SF State University project rebound circle

SF State’s Project Rebound was one of the first programs in the country to help formerly incarcerated individuals attain a degree.

SF State University a leader in education circle

Have you attended public school in the Bay Area? If so you were probably taught by one of our alumni. We’ve been a leading provider of educators in San Francisco since the 1800s.

SF State University Cultural Innovators circle

Our alumni are an integral part of the Bay Area’s thriving arts and media arts fields, contributing to diversity and cultural change across mediums.

SF State University a healing touch circle

Have you visited a hospital in San Francisco? If so, chances are you’ve been helped by one of our nursing alumni – SF State has been graduating skilled nurses since 1955.

SF State University Award Winners circle

SF State alumni have been nominated for academy awards for the last consecutive 17 years. (And have won many as well!)



Gerrid Ollison schoalrship recipient

Gerrid Ollison: Scholarship Recipient

"The funding has been a keystone resource that has enabled me to acquire more capitol in the form of time, skill, and self-efficacy. I’ve had time to spend wisely on research, networking and outreach. From these, I’ve gained and used my skills as a scientist and a communicator to make more small wins. All of these achievements subconsciously burgeon in me a sense of pride and belonging in this great religion I call science! Thank you for the incredible opportunities; thank you for the ACCESS."

Grace Villaroman: Scholarship Recipient

After winning the Gordon Thomas Scholarship in Fall 2017, Grace Villaroman was able to buy much-needed equipment to create her animations. Her distinctive portfolio won her a much-coveted internship at Disney’s Pixar studios just months later.

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Grace Villaroman, scholarship recipient
Seira Yasumatsu scholarship and award winner

Seira Yasumatsu: Scholarship Recipient

In 2017, Seira Yasumatsu won a $8,000 scholarship funded by Sodexo. The award helped her to meet the challenge of supporting her 2-year old daughter while focusing on academics. Months later, a product she designed won a prestigious award.

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Monet Jimenez: Scholarship Recipient

"As an undergraduate, I had to work several jobs to pay for college, which compromised the amount of time I put into my academics. Though I had previously worked in a laboratory, I strongly believed that it wasn't a place that I could succeed in. This scholarship was affirmation and appreciation of my efforts which propelled my confidence to work even harder."

Monet Jimenez, scholarship recipient
Arianna Vargas: Scholarship Winner & Double Major

Arianna Vargas: Scholarship Recipient

Arianna Vargas was a double major in Latina/o Studies and Public Health and a distinguished speaker at the 2018 Commencement. She started attending classes in the College of Ethnic Studies when she was two, brought to classes by her mom who was also a Latina studies major.

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