Stock Trading Room & Student Investment Fund

The stock trading room provides students at San Francisco State University with an opportunity to gain valuable real-world hands-on experience learning how to develop investment strategies and make socially responsible stock trades. By investing in a location, financial terminals & software, a ticker sign and engaging experts within the financial community students will be prepared for professional careers in finance.

Investing in a stock trading room will raise the visibility of SF State with the financial community, provide students with real-world experience, create scholarships, generate ideas for faculty research, and open up professional job opportunities for promising students.

The establishment of an Endowed Investment Fund will provide students with real-world experience by investing with real money.  Proceeds from the fund will provide students with scholarships to pursue a real-world investment education in the Stock Trading Room. As one of the largest business schools in Northern California, with nearly 6,000 students, our job is to create and develop the pipeline of future leaders for success. The Stock Trading Room would help students become multi-disciplinary well-rounded leaders that understand the impact of the global financial system.  It is a place where students can gain a well-rounded experience learning quantitative, technology, social, and regulatory aspects of the financial industry.

Lam Family College of Business Funding Initiatives

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Scholarships can make the difference in students being able to buy textbooks, pay for tuition, or even stay in college.

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Lam-Larsen Initiatives & Centers

An innovative set of programs, research projects, workshops, speaker events, and other activities designed to have a transformational impact on the students, faculty and staff at the college and University.

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Center for the “Language of Business”

The Center will become a central hub for accounting students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals to collaborate together.

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Institute for Wine, Food & Restaurant Management

The Institute will coordinate education, research, and applied learning across the fine food, restaurant, and wine industries.

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Business Enterprise & Engagement Center

The Center will provide career development resources, internship opportunities, faculty-led consulting engagements, and student conferences.

For more information about the Stock Trading Room & Student Investment Fund, contact:

Anjali Billa ( She/Her/Hers )
Associate Vice President of University Development
Lam Family College of Business
(415) 405-3625